Ryzen 8000G Series: 30%-200% faster than 5000G in gaming?

In the previous article, we have brought together all the confirmed and unconfirmed news/rumors on the internet about the much awaited Ryzen 8000G series APU for our readers. Today we will discuss about the recently leaked synthetic and productive benchmarks of the Ryzen 8000G series as well as gaming benchmarks. . Spoiler!! If these leaks are true, G series lovers can be excited about the capabilities of the 8000G series.

Synthetic and Productivity Benchmarks:

AMD’s Ryzen 8000 series, along with many other segments, have also come out recently on sakhtafzarmag. However, no news is confirmed from official channels. Their article shows Gaming, Productivity and Synthetic Benchmarks of the 8000G series. Instead of direct scores or FPS, the bar diagrams show percentage performance increases/decreases compared to the 5000G. It’s also worth noting that there is currently no way to know which test system these tests were performed on. And 5000G series processor with 8000G series processor is not mentioned.

First let’s look at synthetic and productivity benchmarks, 8000G series is 30-35% faster in Geekbench GPU, OpenCL Houdini Pyro and 40% faster in 7-Zip, PCMark.

In Handbrake this gap is about 50%. Also, in tests like AIDA64 GPU, 3DMARK DX12, Unigine Valley DX11, the performance is seen to rise above 100%.

8000G series gives up to 130% more performance in terms of Blender, Timespy. The highest, record 165% ~ higher performance was found in Timespy.

Gaming benchmarks:

Many games are tested at 1080p. No settings are mentioned in the image, but such processors are usually tested at low settings.

The 8000G series is performing 45% and 75% fast in CSGO and DOTA 2, two Esports games.

In WOW Shadowland and Fortnite this gap is around 90%.

From Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Borderlands, World of Tanks to all other games, this number is above 100%. That is, the FPS is more than double. The performance difference in GOD of War is like 155%. And this chart shows a record 200% performance gap in Doom Eternal.

Notably, Cyberpunk 2077 has been tested in Ray Tracing, and in this game, the Ryzen 8000G processor gets about 200% more performance.

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