NVIDIA has launched the RTX 4090D for the Chinese market

Nvidia has launched RTX 4090D as an alternative to this graphics card after the export of RTX 4090 was banned in the China market. Let’s know about this new flagship GPU in the China region.

The RTX 4090D is basically a revised and stripped down version of the 4090 itself. Both graphics cards are using different versions of the AD102 GPU. In terms of specifications, the two graphics cards are very close and the differences are minimal. In this case, it can be said that the performance will be equal to that of the two graphics cards. It can be concluded that Nvidia removed the 4090s after some kind of pressure and in this case they did not have such consent. That’s why as an alternative they have launched, the performance of the RTX 4090D is actually close to the 4090. In other words, Nvidia does not want to disappoint the large market and consumers in all the countries where the export of 4090 was banned. Anyway, before getting into the specifications, let’s have a little summary-

  • It has 11% less SM than the 4090.
  • The base is again 2% higher than the base variant.
  • TDP is 6% lower.
  • No overclocking facility.
  • From January will be available in the markets of other countries including China and Vietnam.


The RTX 4090D has 114 SMs, which is 14 fewer than the 4090. The Cuda Core has 14592, which is about 1800 fewer than the 4090. Tensor cores are also 456, on the other hand, the number of tensor cores in 4090 is 512. The graphics card can be found at the same price of 1600 dollars. There is a difference in TDP, instead of 450 watts, it will run on 425 watts of power. The base clock has increased to 2280 MHz instead of 2235 MHz. Also-

  • 2520 MHz boost clock.
  • 24 GB GDDR6X memory.
  • 384 bit memory, 21 Gbps memory speed and 1008GB/s bandwidth.
  • Featuring TSMC 4N Node’s AD102-250 GPU.

Available by the end of January. Performance is basically around the 4090, although Nvidia compares it to the 3090 Ti on its China region website.

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