AMD entered the Big Core-Small Core game with ZEN 4C

In the past few years, the use of hybrid architecture or small core-big core technology has become popular in the mainstream PC industry as well as smartphones. Several brands including Intel, Apple have launched processors using this technology on different platforms. AMD entered the era of P-Core/E-Core or Big Core-little core with the launch of Ryzen 7×40 series processor with Phoenix2 Codename ZEN 4C chip.

AMD has launched their Phoenix2 chip processor. The processors have been launched under the Ryzen 7X40 series. Zen 4C Die finally makes its debut in this series. It is AMD’s first processor lineup with its own heterogeneous architecture. The rest of the processors in this lineup are codenamed Phoenix or Phoenix1 which was launched in May this year. In addition to the 3 laptop processors in this lineup, there was also the Z1 Extreme for the console industry.

This time, two processors of Zen 4C architecture have been added to the 7×40 series, which feature the Phoenix2 chip.

Other features of Phoenix2 or ZEN4C based hybrid architecture at a glance include-

  • The lineup currently includes Ryzen 5 7545U and Ryzen 3 7440U, two models of laptop processors and AMD Z1 processors. That is, there is a Ryzen 5 and a Ryzen 3 processor in this lineup.
  • Each used a 4NM process node.
  • Compared to NON-C or normal 7000 series or zen4, their die size is much smaller, that is, the transistor density is higher. That is, the same
  • ZEN 4C supports the same instruction set and IPC as ZEN4.
  • Like Zen4 has Hyperthreading/multi threading support. That is, p core or small core will also have two threads.
  • The cores of this hybrid architecture will not need any separate os scheduling for enabling, disabling, for scheduling the core utilization of gaming and system, application software and will not need any kind of separate software.
  • Phoenix2 however lacks XDNA CORE support for AI acceleration.
  • Phoenix2 has a maximum of 2 ZEN4 and 4 ZEN 4C cores.
  • Core size is 35% smaller than ZEN 4.
  • Although due to this quite a bit of clock speed and performance will be available from these processors.
  • At lower TDP these processors will provide similar ipc gain as ZEN4 with better power efficiency.
    There is quite a downgrade in the GPU section, it will have Radeon 740M GPU with 4 RDNA3 units. MAX GPU Clock 2.5 Ghz and Max CPU clock 4.9 Ghz.
  • The Ryzen 3 7440U has one ZEN4 and three ZEN 4C cores and a total of eight threads. The Ryzen 5 7545U has two big cores or ZEN4 cores along with four ZEN 4C cores and 12 threads.
  • Like Phoenix1/Phoenix or Big Phoenix, these processors will run at 9-30 watts of power and will support the same amount of DDR5 RAM.

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