RTX 3050 6GB coming in early 24?

Rumor has it that the Intel Arc A580 8GB will hit the market to rival the RTX 3050 8GB later. At the same time, there are also reports that Nvidia is going to bring another cheap version of RTX 3050, RTX 3050 6GB.

Lower spec RTX 3050 is coming with 6GB memory

Wccftech claims that Nvidia may launch a new variant of the RTX 3050 that will have 6GB of RAM. WCCFTECH mentions almost all the specifications in their news, but none of them are 100% certain. The specifications include:

  • Instead of the GPU used in the RTX 3050 8GB, another GPU will be used here. The 3050 8GB may have a GA106-325 variant of the GPU instead of the Ampere GA106-150.
  • Instead of the 276mm2 die of RTX 3060, 3050 8GB, its die size will be 200mm2.
  • Certainly the transistor count will also be 30-35% less than the 3050 8GB. 13.2 Billion reduced to 8.7 Billion.
  • The memory interface will also see some degradation, with the 6GB RTX 3050 featuring a 96-bit memory bus instead of 128-bit.
  • It can achieve speed up to 1470 MHz instead of 1777 MHz boost clock.
  • Memory bandwidth can be reduced by 25%, from 224GBps to 168GBps.
  • As expected, the TDP of this GPU will also be quite low. The RTX 3050 6G can only have a TDP of 70 watts.
  • Possible release date 2024.

Nothing is known about the price yet. However, the price of RTX 3050 launched at $250 is around $215-220 on Amazon or other online shops. In that case, the price of this new variant should not be more than 150-160 dollars all things considered. And there’s no word yet on how the performance will be, but the performance of the RTX 3050 8G was close to that of the GTX 1660 Ti. In that case, if the RTX 3050 6G can offer the same performance as the GTX 1660 Super around $150-160, then after a long time budget builders can expect a pretty good graphics card.

Coming Arc A580

It has been almost a year and a half since the announcement, reveal, the year 2023 is about to end, but Intel Arc A580 8GB has not yet been seen. We all know its specifications, but officially Intel or any other AIB partner has not made any kind of announcement, teaser, reveal about it. However, for the last week or two, some news has been coming about the Arc A580

Asrock’s Arc A580 Challenger OC model is listed on the Geizhals website. It has one HDMI and 3 DP. At the same time, a Tipstar named momomo_us, Insider’s tweet saw the picture of Sparkle’s Arc A580. It is a 256bit-2.0 Ghz card.

The same leaker claims that the performance and pricing of the Arc A580 will target the RTX 3050 and Radeon RX 6600. Meanwhile, since the Arc A750 is selling for around $215-220 in online stores and sometimes goes down to $200 in short-term sales, Intel’s A580 shouldn’t cost more than $170-180 to dominate the market. The possibility cannot be ruled out that the price will be reduced later after the launch at $200.

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