Everything we know about the RTX 40 Super series

The news that NVIDIA RTX 40 Super series Lineup is coming is now old. In the last few weeks, various specifications of several graphics cards in this lineup have surfaced via various Insiders, tipstar. Today’s discussion will be about them.

RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 4070 Super were heard in the very first leak. Later, everything that was known about them has now been presented separately in stages. However, no news is officially confirmed. These are all rumours.

What’s known so far about the RTX 4080 Super:

The most powerful GPU in the Super lineup will be the RTX 4080 Super. Important facts to know about it are-

  • Power consumption: The power consumption of the RTX 4080 Super will be the same as the non-super model. That is, it will consume 320 watts of power.
  • There will be 10240 Cuda cores.
  • Will feature the AD103-400 GPU.
  • RTX 4080 Super GPU is already supported in HWInfo update in update log.
  • The memory section will have 16GB GDDR6X VRAM.

Earlier AD103 with new device id was found in PCI ID Repository. Chip mixing was also heard, i.e. 4080 Super was rumored to have AD102 chip along with AD103.

Benchlife previously claimed that the RTX 4080 Super will have 20GB of memory on the 320 memory bus, according to their sources.

Here’s what we know about Geforce RTX 4070 Super:

As well as the RTX 4080, the 4070 and the Super variant have been leaked at various times. There is already 4070 Ti in the market. Among the ideas that have been received so far about the RTX 4070 Super are:

  • According to Kopitekimi this graphics card may have AD104-350 or AD103-175 as GPU.
  • It will have (may have) about 30% fewer CUDA cores than the 4080 Super, i.e. 7168.
  • Kopite also revealed that the 4070 Super may have 48MB of Level 2 cache.
  • The memory section may have a 256-bit bus and 16 GB of VRAM, but this is not guaranteed.
  • 16GB of RAM is also claimed by MegasizeGPU. Similarly, 256Bit Bus came up in his news.
  • Like the Non Super, this GPU can also have a TDP of 220 watts.

RTX 4070 Super Ti: Will it come at all?

There’s the RTX 4070 Ti, we’ve also heard of the RTX 4070 Super coming, but there’s also been talk of a new variant with an entirely new name floating around for a while now. This is the RTX 4070 Super Ti. Not much information is known about it but it seems to be an OCed/Improved or boosted version of the RTX 4070 Ti.

That is, we know RTX XXXX Super is between RTX XXXX TI and XXXX Base variant.

The specifications, performance and quality of RTX 4070 Super Ti may be slightly higher than RTX 4070 Ti but lower than 4080. .What is known so far-

  • Can have up to 8448 Cuda cores.
  • Can have 16GB GDDR6X memory.
  • GPU is likely to be AD103-275 or AD102-175 .
  • It is also said to have a cache of 48 MB.

Along with these, RTX 4070 with GDDR6 memory can also come.

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